I know the team at Constant Analytics well after working with them for more than 15 years. They are the best firm I’ve come across for evaluating media and marketing investments. They take the very cumbersome and technical task of marketing measurement and translate it into crisp findings and clear recommendations for improvement. I view them as a partner who treats my goals and milestones just like their own.

Rick Canale
Extended Stay America
VP Marketing Strategy & Planning

I’ve been fortunate to know the management team at Constant Analytics for 10+ years. I’ve seen, first-hand, the revenue impact that their measurement models and budget optimization methods can yield. They differentiate themselves by marrying the science of statistical modeling to the disciplines of media buying and brand messaging. Their long-standing roots in marketing analytics make them a go-to firm for any marketer looking to get reliable assessments of media effectiveness and crisp recommendations for improvement.

Steven Sickel
Senior Vice President
Distribution and Relationship Marketing
InterContinental Hotels Group®